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ICO venture Ltd is an UK registered company founded by a group veteran quant traders and portfolio managers. ICO(Initial Coin Offering) has revolutionized the ways of capital raising for tech start ups. In the short span of 6 months, amount raised is 6.3 billion which has surpassed the total in 2017 and traditional VC. Unicorns are produced everyday: Telegram, Ripple, Coinbase .. and so more to come. Crypto markets that includes Bitcoin, ethereum, Ripple and all kind of new Blockchain start ups will reach trillions in just few years. But it is hard for everyday people to navigate and benefit from this volatile new market which takes time end expertise to master.
Our Mission is to provide a stable and easy to use platform for members to capitalize on such lucrative market. Our investments are based on a machine learning system that collects and interprets market trend and sentiments in real time. The investing models was built by our teams coming from different areas of tech, finance, machine learning with years of combined experience. All investments and trade executions are performed by our well tested and award winning system. .
We take risk management as our first priority in system design. We have diversified portfolio to produce high return in low risk and consistent manners. And we have strong secure system to protect interests of all members. Do not miss the chance to reap profits from new crypto economy. All it takes to join our platform is a valid email and an e-currency wallet. Let the system do the hard work, join us and double your investment in just 24 hours! Read More

2 Level Referrals

We have designed a lucrative affiliate program for any of our members to join and earn extra Bitcoins.

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hourly for
72 hours
Mini. amount 5 USD
Maxi.amount 1000 USD
Deposit period 72 hours
ROI 105%
hourly for
48 hours
Mini. amount 100 USD
Maxi.amount 1000 USD
Deposit period 48 hours
ROI 125%
hourly for
24 hours
Mini. amount 500 USD
Maxi.amount 5000 USD
Deposit period 24 hours
ROI 250%
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